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Your visitors are looking for answers…

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Talk to people right when they’re on your website, answer their questions instantly, and close more deals

  • Qualify and route leads with ConvertBot

    ConvertBot prequalifies leads and books meetings 24/7 for your sales team so they can connect with those who are most likely to buy.

    • Capture, qualify and route leads to sales teams

      Route your best leads to your BDR team even when you are offline. ConvertBot captures lead info and qualifies them based on questions that you decide, and auto assigns to the right person

    • Book more meetings automatically

      Stop losing leads when your team is offline? Let ConvertBot automatically schedule meetings with your leads from the times you have available.

  • Make ConvertFox your own

    Brand live chat your way by matching its colour and style to make it a seamless part of your site or app

    • Provide a modern chat experience

      Make live chat a fun experience with typing indicators, read receipts, GIFs and emojis.

    • Chat in your language

      Make your visitors and customers feel right at home by making the chat messenger speak in their language.

Bring your entire team onboard

Collaborate together and respond to customer conversations as a team from a unified team inbox to delight your customers with faster and better support.

  • Assign conversations among teammates

    Automatically assign conversations to the right team or teammates based on user profile or assign equally among available teammates using round robin assignment.

  • Organize your conversations

    Organize conversations using open/close statuses and tags so you can easily filter and find old conversations for later reference

  • Get help from a teammate

    Loop in experts from across teams with private notes, work with them behind the scenes, and close conversations

  • Start focused conversations proactively

    Push leads to ConvertBot, or ask for feedback, or offer help when they are stuck by setting up targeted messages sent automatically based on the rules that you set.

    • 01

      If visitor is on pricing page for more than 30 seconds Then trigger a message sent from Sachin

    • 02

      If referrer is Then trigger a message from Customer Success team

    • 03

      If visitor belongs to VIP Customers segment Then trigger a message from Senior BDR Team

Start focused conversations proactively

Real time Messaging

Enhance user experience with online status, read receipts, and typing indicators.

Instant Notifications

Alert customers and visitors instantly with web and sound notifications whenever you message them.

iOS and Android Apps

Talk to your customers on the go with ConvertFox’s mobile apps.

Saved Replies

Reply to common questions faster with canned, personalized replies.

Zapier Integration

Connect with over 750 apps through Zapier. See what you can do on our Zapier page.