Send Better Email. Grow Your Business

Send targeted email campaigns at the perfect moment and turn new subscribers into devoted customers.

Create beautiful email campaigns

Use Convertfox’s campaign creator and create effective and relevant email campaigns that are both responsive and beautiful.

Segment users based on interest

Find the right group of users to receive your emails by filtering dynamic groups of your customers based on their behavior. Say goodbye to those static lists!

Deliver emails with total control

Send one-off email campaigns
Schedule an email blast to notify users about a new blog post, or a discount sale.
Trigger emails based on user behavior
Create emails and define the rules that trigger them. ConvertFox will send the emails for you.
Schedule and automate drip campaigns
Send the perfect series of emails to each user based on user segments.

Make emails more personal and human

Use liquid templating engine and utilise your customer data and attributes dynamically. Build more personalized and engaging email campaigns for your customers.

Gather powerful campaign reports

Go beyond clicks, and use attributes, events and conversion goals to measure the success of your campaigns using ConvertFox’s insightful campaign reports.